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Autodoprava Sukeník ltd.

We provide not only express delivery services in terms of national and trans-national cargo transportation, forwarding, express cargo re-loading ramp in Ostrava. We transport shipments 24 hours a day. With our services you can be sure that your package is delivered on-time, on-place with 100% reliability.



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Our additional services

We have a lot to offer! Trucking, personal luxury transportation, forwarding, cargo bay Ostrava.

Luxury transport

Do you need a representative transportation to an cultural / social event? Our vehicles are available to you anytime! We offer maximum and exclusive comfort anywhere you go!


We provide follow-up services to any transport (air, sea, rail). We will arrange seamless continuity between all levels of the supply chain so your shipment will never be delayed.

Express transport

You need to deliver a shipment from point A to point B within 24 hours by express? We are here for you! Our fleet of vehicles is ready to serve. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Put yourself in our care and we will reward you 100% quality services

Many of our long-term satisfied customers are the testament of the quality and constant efforts to improve our services! Do you have any suggestion to improve our services? Send us a message!

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Cargo exchange ramp Ostrava – Příbor

Autodoprava SukeníkWe offer a unique service to all carriers – express cargo transshipment 24/7 (24 hours – seven days a week) in Ostrava, Pribor, Novy Jicin Frydek-Mistek.

Transhipment is operated by our new forklift DESTA.

Fell free to contact us anytime via the phone: +420 731 428 408

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.


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